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Our starting point for our design to delivery process is 'performance in the workplace’, and our end point is ‘performance in the workplace’.  In between, is the learning experience and the integral development of the participants.  Our guiding principles for creating and facilitating the learning experience are:  realistic, meaningful, rich variety of experience, interesting and varying rehearsal, integrating the learning to the business context, and that all learners are different.

Combining intuition, creativity, rigorous research, robust development and assessment process, sensitive delivery, and scientific testing of training outcomes, our experienced training consultants will deliver the desired outcomes.


The organization provides the context for the learning, and unashamedly this context focuses on the required changes in staff performance for the organization to achieve its goals.  During the discovery phase of our work, if we find that there are more efficient ways to achieve the corporate goals, we will make the necessary recommendations.

The inspired employee is a good learner.  We like to engage the learning participants before the training and keep them engaged through the critical post-training phase of continued rehearsal and transference of new skills, knowledge and attitudes to their work places.


Confirming the goals of the organization and their context is always our starting point.  Next, we work towards determining the current competency levels of the target participants and any gaps in their competencies.  The learning and development outcomes are the main output of the discovery phase, and these are rigorously reviewed and discussed with management.  Finally, we determine the measurement criteria for evaluation of the facilitated learning, both for the participants and the organization


To facilitate the transfer of learning from the training forum into the workplace, we link the learning to the business context.

The optimum learning methods required are designed to develop the desired competencies for the target audience.  We prefer to create a rich multi-sensory, learning experience integrating realistic and meaningful practical exercises, case studies, story telling, discussion, questions and answers, and other relevant activities with the required information requirements.
Learning starts prior to the formal training with the pre-learning tasks and exercises for the participants to complete.  Naturally, the learning continues after the formal training.  We further facilitate this process, with a carefully constructed post-event, work-based projects that will apply the learning and benefit to the business.


We aim to make learning an interesting and joyful experience with challenges.  Our training is integrated with purpose, interactive with the participants, multisensory with varied and regular rehearsal.  Pre-training and post-training activities and evaluations are totally integrated with the formal training and the training goals.


All the extras, and bells and whistles are nice, but did the training deliver what it was intended to deliver?  Evaluation is conducted throughout the formal training delivery, at the completion of the training and at a pre-agreed date after the training.  The latter evaluations also include measuring the impacts on the business.

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