It's a very sobering feeling to be up in space and realize that one's safety factor was determined by the lowest bidder on a government contract.

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Contract Management Training for NOW AS 4000

Right Thinking for the Manager of Contracts

This is a non-legal course in contract management.

Our major objective is to arm the contract and project manager with sufficient knowledge and skills to be capable of intelligently referring any legal issues to the appropriate legal professional in a timely manner.

This practical course is tailored for the construction and associated industries. It focuses on the Australian Standard families of contracts: AS 4000, AS 4902, AS 2124 and AS 4300, and the many requirements from the diverse regulators. Reference and comparisons will be also made to JCC, PC1 and MW1.

Our Approach to Training

This course is evenly divided between information dissemination and practical application of contract management principles.  Our previous participants have continually commented that our first session on ‘Ethics in Contract Management’ is confronting and has moved many to reassess their behaviours in handling ethics, in particular, handling contractors and subcontractors.

The course has many real-life examples illustrating contract management principles.  Again, like our other courses, our preference is to construct the examples, from your workplace contracts and projects.  Naturally, for training purposes, we can add some examples from other work industries to be presented, and if necessary, all our examples can be sourced from elsewhere.

Our courses are unique in approaching contract management through an interactive and dynamic group discussions, debates, negotiations and exercises, story telling techniques, and management and project management quizzes.  All these activities have been designed to elicit contract management skills.

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