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Our Round Table Executive Support Forum

Our Round Table program is a forum for executives where they can participate in regular developmental activities. It is a private space where executives can table any issue for consideration and discussion by the group.  This is a private forum where the members provide support to each other on any business and personal issues. 

When required, one-to-one mentoring and coaching will be provided to any member requesting assistance.  An important criteria for joining the group is active participation and the willingness to also provide support to other members, when required.

The Premises

Our executive program is based on the following premises:

Benefits of our Executive Round Table

Joining our Round Table: Initial Briefing

The process starts with a detailed briefing in order to:

Confirmation Briefing

The first session is held one week after the initial briefing and is a one-to-one session aimed at:

Regular Forums

Regular Feedback

How does our Round Table Differ to Mentoring and Coaching?

As a minimum our program provides one-to-one mentoring and coaching services to executives.  However, our Round Table Executive Support Forum extends far beyond mentoring and coaching.  We rescue executives from their troubled waters, and thereafter, we provide continuing and sustaining support and developmental services for the executive to grow personally and professionally.

Who Should Apply for Membership?

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