Lessons Learned Workshops

What do you do with Lessons Learned?

We are always learning. Everybody in your organization is learning. We will always be learning.

The key question for any business is what happens next? How do you capture these lessons learned? How can we discern the important ones? What do you do with these lessons learned? How do you incorporate the lessons back into the corporate methodology and into other business systems, policies and procedures? Our workshops are tailored at bringing the important lessons learned into the mainstream of the business and make them an integral part of the 'way you do business'.

Project Management Lessons Learned

Capturing lessons learned from projects is documented as a 'must do' action in project management methodologies. Our Lessons Learned workshops evolved from conducting lessons learned workshops in project management and then interweaving them into the fabric of the business. We have evolved our Lessons Learned methodologies to include all facets of the organization.

It is All in the Planning and Preparation

Preparation for the workshop begins with a number of short briefings with key staff aimed at understanding your business culture and systems. Thereafter, the briefings continue to ascertain the pertinent lessons learned in the previous period.

Co-Creating the Workshops

Our workshops are co-created with the key stakeholders. Any of the key stakeholders can take a lead role in developing the profiles highlighting the lessons learned and our consultants can assist in this process.

Other related training objectives can be built into the workshops, time and focus permitting.

Rigorous Testing of Recommendations

The outputs of the workshop are practical recommendations for changes to policies, procedures and people. All recommendations will be comprehensively tested within the group prior to being listed for possible action.

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"Failure is the opportunity to begin again, but more intelligently."

Henry Ford
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