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The Board has a responsibility and a need to grow with the business and its stakeholders.

Developmentally, the Board tends to be neglected—from basic skills and industry knowledge to contemporary thinking in governance, ethics, and business leadership.  Our objectives are to keep the total Board revitalized and
strategically placed to lead its business.

Board Performance Reviews

We conduct independent regular reviews of Board performance.  We follow a robust and confidential review process.  Our structured approach ensures we gain all the relevant information for preparing our recommendations and reports to meet the Board’s and their organization's needs.

Our reviews can be extended to include individual members’ performances and providing developmental plans for each member and the board as a whole.

We can conduct the reviews using traditional methodologies or we can use our more innovative Peer-to-Peer and 360 Degree review systems.  The outcomes of the reviews will be detailed and confidential reports for the overall Board performance and Member’s individual performances.  A Board development plan and individual development plans can also be designed at this stage.  When required, mentoring and coaching can be provided to the members.

Creative Intuitive Workshops

Our forte is organizing and facilitating creative board workshops with a
co-designed purpose.  These are ideal for creatively and intuitively working through some of the tough business decisions that the board is considering.  Some of the areas that our workshops would be ideal in facilitating a Board include:

Preparation of Board Support Materials

As part of our information development and publishing services, we can prepare the following documents for your board:

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