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Stakeholder Management

Integrated Stakeholder Management

We start with a broad definition of stakeholders that includes all naturally occurring entities that affect or are affected by organizations.

Using our Stakeholder Management Program we can integrate your business objectives with your risk management strategies, program and project initiatives and all endeavours to achieve a healthy perception of being a Good Corporate Citizen.

Business Objectives

Proactive stakeholder management supports an organization achieve its strategic objectives by interpreting and influencing both the external and internal environments and by creating positive relationships with stakeholders through the appropriate management of their expectations and agreed objectives.

Risk Management and Project Management

Stakeholder management is an integral part of our risk management and project management programs (and our project rescue programs).

Stakeholder management is also important in its own right facilitating organizations achieve their objectives. 

Good Corporate Citizenship

Leading organizations know that they have to care about more than just their profits if they want to keep their investors, their customers and even their employees happy.  From a broad perspective, good corporate citizenship requires a suite of Stakeholder Management strategies:

Our Structured and Creative Approach

Our stakeholder management approach for businesses and projects is structured, transparent and always co-exploring effective communication strategies.  We manage and integrate information gathered during the following processes:

Stakeholder Identification

Through diverse strategies, and all tailored to your organization or project, we identify the internal and external stakeholders.   Our definition of stakeholders is broad and includes the environment and more abstract concepts like our future.  A dynamic stakeholder map is one of our outputs at this stage.

Stakeholder Analysis

During this phase, we recognize and acknowledge stakeholders’ needs, concerns, wants, positioning, relationships, interfaces and root causes.  We align this information within our innovative Stakeholder Matrix.

Stakeholder Matrix

Stakeholders are positioned according to their level of influence, impacts and enhancements they may provide to the business or the projects.  Stakeholder power map and social mapping can be a part of the Stakeholder Matrix.  Validation of the list of stakeholders is an important activity at this stage.  Validation also includes a cross-referencing of stakeholders’ perceptions and potential influences over the project with other stakeholders.  The Stakeholder Matrix is accompanied by a report detailing the entire process to that point.

Communication Plan and Stakeholder Engagement

Co-developing and co-implementing the communication plan is the crux of our work. This phase is totally iterative with all the previous phases and it is the primary reason we are contacted for our support. 

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