Kiron Mythos

Chiron (Kiron) was a centaur, a half-man and half-horse creature from ancient Greek Mythology.  He was known as a teacher of heroes, god of healing, an oracle, and the King of the Centaurs.  Chiron was intelligent, civilized and kind.  He was different from the other centaurs who had strong attachments to their lower animal passions spending much of their time being overindulgent, intoxicated, and behaving as uncultured delinquents.  There is a myth that tells us that Chiron was not related directly to the other centaurs.

Chiron was a great teacher and a guide for the hero on his quest.  He even made the ultimate sacrifice, giving up his own life, for the greater benefit of one of his heroes.  At Kiron Corporation, we endeavour to help you, our hero, on your personal and corporate journey.   The Greek words for Chiron means "the hand".  We are always there to give you a helping hand, especially in times of trouble.

We are always there for you with our open hand, and in return we ask for your helping hand for our journey to become even better teachers and guides.   This is the justice that we are always seeking and promoting; a balance of giving and receiving.  We believe in relationships that are two-way streets; one way streets are the proverbial paths of the selfish, over-indulgent days of the centaurs who were merely animals.


Kiron's Helping Hand

King Kiron of the Centaurs