"Dare to think."

Immanuel Kant
Kiron's Helping Hand

Creative Problem Solving Workshops

Do you have a business problem that needs a new solution?

We focus our workshops on facilitating the co-creation of creative and practical solutions to business challenges, business problems and business opportunities. We provide a conducive environment for the creativity and the exchange and development of ideas. The final phase of our workshops is to test and rework the solutions to ensure they are feasible.  Our workshops have successfully provided solutions in areas, such as:

Co-Designing Workshops

Together we confirm the objectives of the workshop and then design a program to best achieve your objectives.  Our workshops can be comprised from a creatively balanced blend of:

Note:  Preparation is the key to optimal results.

Locations for the Workshops

Together we co-create an environment most conducive to your needs, your group’s composition and your organization’s current milieu. The workshops can be conducted in one of your meeting rooms or we can ask our experienced event organizers to assist us in organizing a more creative solution.

Who can use our Creative Problem Solving workshops?

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