Who Are We at Kiron?


We grow people and businesses.

Kiron Corporation was established in 1996 as a consulting group dedicated to growing the people behind the business and the project.

We are in the business of growing people and businesses.  And when they get into trouble, we are in the business of rescuing them, their businesses and their projects.  We prefer to work through the executive or the owner to rescue the business and the workplace and through the project manager to rescue the project.

We see ourselves as ‘way showers’ for you, the executive, the board member, the business owner and the project manager.  We work closely with you to show you a better way of doing things.  Our approach is driven by our strong business ethics and intent of helping you help yourself.

Our experienced group of consultants is supported by our extensive support network of advisers and consultants we call upon when required.  And when we cannot help you, we will find someone who can!

We always take your business personally. 

We help you help yourself.

Kiron's Helping Hand