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Our mentoring and support programs have assisted many engineers who are CEO’s and in senior management roles.  Our programs have been equally successful in providing a range of support services to CEO’s and senior managers in non-engineering organizations.

Our CEO and Senior Management mentoring and support program is aimed at:

We thrive on diversity!

We welcome the opportunity to work with both women and men, of any age, of any nationality and of any other persuasions and orientations.

Reinventing the emerging leader

We ‘show the way’ for the emerging leader to reinvent themselves in their new position of leadership.  There is much knowledge, many skills and overall confidence that needs to be gained.  We can even fill-in for some of those gaps while the new senior manager/CEO develops them within themselves.

Rescuing the senior manager in trouble

It is not an easy task for a senior manager to admit that they are in trouble, especially when they are supposed to be at the top of their game.  It is a human condition, that we can all lose our ways, even for the shortest of periods.  At these times, we can assist the senior manager find their way and their confidence and to raise above the level than that before their 'temporary' perceived setback.

Our process

Our approach is sensitive, confidential, robust, direct, tailored, results-oriented, personal and professional.

We begin with an obligation-free first meeting to assess whether we can provide the CEO or Senior Manager with the services they need, and more importantly, whether we can help each other grow.

Our first formal meeting depends on the needs of the executive, but typically, involves a review of skills, experience, knowledge and visions.  From this we co-design a development program.

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