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Regeneration Through Co-Creation

Change and workplace reorganizations are constants in our daily working lives. Change equally extends throughout every aspect of our personal lives. We don’t have to look too far to witness change happening around us and within us even as you are reading this paragraph. Change can be subtle, initiated by a major crisis, induced by management, seduced by your peers, result from evolutionary or revolutionary forces, or it just happens and the first time you become aware of it is when reading an article by a professional commentator.

In organizational circles, change management and directives to change have become clichés with some employees becoming blasé with the constant management demands to change and keep changing. Our starting premise is sustainable change can only be achieved by facilitating individuals within the organization to accept the constant of change and to begin understanding the changing world around them.

The Well-Adapting Organization

Ideally, organizations should be like well-adapting organisms that have inbuilt mechanisms and processes that allow the organization and its employees to continually adapt to its changing environment without any external assistance.

When an organization is not adapting effectively to its changing environment, then like an ailing person, external thinking, remedies and facilitation should be sought.

We see change as the starting point, the end point and all the mid-points. Change is a constant and the optimal way of dealing with change is accepting it and changing your organizational mindset to embrace change as a daily living experience.

The key concepts in our approach are:

We also understand that any outward changes will be as transient as the environment the organization has changed from. 'Permanency' can only be achieved with right thinking.

Spirited Right Thinking

After we have a right way of thinking about change, where do we get our ideas from to design a new future? Part of our right thinking is to open our minds to new ideas without any prejudices of their originating sources.

Again, we begin by understanding the organization and its stakeholder environment before any ideas are expressed. This helps us develop the optimum forums within the organization for new ideas and stakeholder involvement in the process of co-creation.

The organization’s staff are always a good starting point for ideation. Other stakeholders, where appropriate, can be invited to participate. New ideas for moving forward and visions of the future can be sourced from other organizations, including competitors, academia, consultants, and wherever the process leads us. Kiron’s consultants and extensive range of associates can be also called into action.

The outcome of this creative process is a documented solution or vision for the future.

Implementation: Making Our Ideas Work

The journey to date has been about team building, stakeholder involvement, and co-creation of a common vision for your workplace. The next stage of the journey is re-creating the workplace with the new vision.

We can use the existing processes within your organization to facilitate the delivery of the new vision or we can introduce internationally recognized methodologies. Good governance, communication and iterative quality management are the key words of this phase.

Ultimate Goal: Self-Evolving Organization

The journey does not end at the completion of the implementation phase. Actually, it is only the beginning of a greater adventure: the organization learning to be self-evolving.

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